The Brain-Based Piano Method offers a comprehensive system for learning the piano that incorporates the latest scientific understanding on how we learn. Students of all ages will find a stimulating framework that supports individual growth and creativity.

Mindful: Familiar yet exciting music and activities with clear guidelines allow students to engage their minds in an enjoyable and effective learning process.

Comprehensive: All aspects of musicianship (ear training, theory, reading and writing, technique, repertoire, analysis, arranging and composing) are presented clearly and gradually.

Practical: The student-friendly format and the effective reward system will encourage students to practice. Parents, teachers and students will appreciate the clear and concise explanations.

Engaging: Students choose their desired goals, track their progress and get rewarded for their work in a dynamic process that extends naturally to other aspects of their lives.

Creative: Students are encouraged to make their own arrangements, and even compose songs based on their own name!

Personalized: The organization of the method allows for a custom-made learning experience.


The Brain-Based Piano Method learning system includes songbooks, workbooks, companions, rewards and multimedia materials soon available at our online store.

The Level 1 is now on sale.