Our approach has the following benefits and likely outcomes:

·         – Assignments that challenge the student’s intellect, imagination, and thieir sense of beauty.

·         – An environment where everybody including parents, students and teachers try continuously their best.

·       –  Improved memory, processing speed, attention

·        – Improved technical and artistic ability at the piano

·        – Development of a systematic and conscious approach to learning in general

·        -The ability to use piano practice techniques for other academic and non-academic pursuits

·       –  Improved school performance, grades and test scores

·       –  Passing the periodic graded assessments of the RCM, including the demanding 10th level by or before the end of high school (for students starting the program during the primary grades)

·       –  Participation in local and regional student recitals and competitions

·        – The option to study piano performance or related majors in a competitive high school or college

·       –  Building a compelling portfolio for admission into a competitive college