The Immersion level is intended for children 18 months to 5 years old.

Children are immersed in songs and music they enjoy. Using these songs they develop their musical abilities.

Engaging activities and games keep children engaged and learning for the entire period of  the typical class.

Children who attend the Immersion level will be able to play the same songs on the piano when they move on to the Initiation level.

To listen to the soundtracks used during class please go here.

To watch the video tutorials  please go here.

Music Immersion Products

Music Immersion Materials for Students:

  • Illustrated Songs & Activities

To order the Illustrated Songs & Activities, please click here.

Music Immersion Materials for Teachers include:

  • Illustrated Songs & Activities
  • Rhythm Game
  • Song Puzzle Game
  • Teacher Workshop (online or on site)

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