The Initiation Level is intended for children 3 and up. At this age, children are absorbing new knowledge at an incredibly fast pace. This method provides their growing minds with plenty of material for learning and experimentation.

At the most elementary level, all aspects of musicianship are covered: rhythmic and melodic development, ear training and playing by ear, piano technique, reading and writing.

Following the natural process by which children learn their mother tongue (listen, imitate, speak, read and write), they learn music, first by listening, then by clapping, singing, then by playing on the piano. Reading and writing follow.

The Do-Re-Mi system of note names (the Solfege system) is used for its many advantages: it allows students to make a direct connection between the sounds they hear and sing, and the notes they play.

We paid particular attention to developing the children’s creativity. Students are encouraged to come up with their own rhythms, melodies, to modify and combine the songs they learn in different ways and to create their own arrangements.

For the playlist used with the Initiation Level please go here.

For video tutorials please go here.

The Student Initiation Package (available here) includes the Initiation Book, a Workbook, a Monthly Practice Calendar, a Diploma, a CD, a reward sheet with 40 stickers, and a free month of video tutorials.  Students can access video tutorials online with the songs and activities mentioned in the book (accessible here).

The Initiation Book is organized in 5 chapters. Each chapter has two songs, a technical study and activities that help children learn different skills (rhythm, ear training, theory, reading and writing etc.) Most activities are related to the songs learned. Also included in each chapter is one creativity bonus. Drawings on every page convey an important musical concept. For the Initiation level, reading is not required.

The Workbook  provides additional practice in reading, writing, harmony, composition and experimentation.

Lesson Format: The structure of the method allows the teacher plenty of flexibility in structuring the lessons. The variety of the activities allow teachers to keep the students’ interest alive and always learning something new.

Student Journal: Each book comes with a few pages where the teacher can make short notes about what was covered during class. The Journal is also used to communicate to the parents how to assist their children with the daily practice and to let everybody know about upcoming Student Presentations.

Video tutorials accessible online accompany many songs and activities presented in the book. For video tutorials please go here.

Playlist: For the songs please go here.

Rewards: Our reward system celebrates every accomplishment. Children receive a reward for every new skill they learn and for every new song they can play right.

Systematic assessment is built into the learning process at every stage. The skills mastered are rewarded with a special badge or stamp.

A Final Test assesses the skills and playing abilities developed so far (see the last pages of the excerpt below). Students receive a Diploma and are ready to move on to the Preparatory level.

Teacher resources include the Balls Game, the Rhythm Game, the Song Puzzle Game and the Staff Game.

Student Presentations: Students have the opportunity to show their skills and knowledge at periodic Student Presentations.

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Student Initiation Package


To order the Student Initiation Package, please click here.

Initiation Games: Balls Game, Rhythm Game, Song Puzzle Game


To order the Balls Game, the Rhythm Game  and the Song Puzzle Game please click here.