Miami Piano Studio Programs

The Miami Piano Studio provides the following programs:

Piano ( Children 3 years old & up). At our studios or your home.

Voice (Children 6 years old & up). At our studios or your home.

Guitar: acoustic or electric (Children 7 years old & up). At our studios or your home.

Bass, clarinet, violin and other instruments. At our studios or your home. Please call for more information.

Ensembles for Children 7 years old & up:

Garage Band, Children Choir and Percussion Ensemble.

To find the best program for your child, please read below. 

Piano initiation

Piano (3 years old & up)

In a typical Piano Initiation class using the Brain-Based Piano Method, students sing, move to the music, play with instruments, puppets and more. 

Away from the piano children learn the fundamental elements of music theory, music reading and writing and ear training through timeless children songs and pieces. During their time at the piano children develop their piano technique while playing the songs they learned away from the piano.

The Brain-Based Piano Method learning system includes the Sing & Play Music Immersion Book, Initiation Book and Workbook, learning materials, rewards, and video tutorials that help students with their home practice.

After completing the Initiation level students advance to Level 1, 2 and so on.

From early on, all our students participate in Fun and Creative Student Recitals organized at the Steinway Gallery, University of Miami School of Music and other venues.


Voice Lessons (6 year old & up )

Following the same principles used in the Brain-Based Piano Method our voice program motivates students to create, find their own voice and achieve their full potential through a comprehensive music education.

The voice repertoire includes all styles and genres of music, from classical to contemporary.

Our professional and dedicated teachers will guide your child to achieve a high performance level while fully enjoying the learning process from early on.

voice program

Garage band

Guitar, Bass and Garage Band Program (9 years old & up)

The Brain-Based Piano Method principles are also present in our guitar, bass and Garage Band Programs.

The method helps children to acquire fundamental musical skills through age-appropriate, well-planned and fun musical activities.

The organization of the method allows for a custom-made learning experience. Students are encouraged to make their own arrangements and compose their own songs.

The Garage Band Program was created with the needs of Preteens and teens in mind.

Teenagers today need safe and inspiring spaces to socialize and create more than ever.

The Garage Band offers them a heaven to express themselves creatively in a healthy way trough music, to make friends and to develop confidence, discipline, perseverance and other important life skills.


Brain-Based Piano Method Levels


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Level 2

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