Sing & Play Basic Package

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Sing and Play Basic Package
Sing and Play Basic Package

This package contains the books and materials that your child will need to start a fun, creative, and successful musical journey. The Sing and Play books are personalized and work as collection albums where each student records their learning journey and achievements and collects the rewards. The songs are arranged to be easy to learn, easy to play, and to convey essential musical elements of harmony and form while learning them. The books come with step-by-step guides to learn the songs. Video tutorials are available to complement the learning experience.

Sing and Play Greatest Hits: 60 beautifully illustrated songs carefully selected from the most loved children songs from around the world.

Sing and Play Holidays Songs Book: more than 20 songs to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and the New Year.

This package is intended for children 3 years old and up. It includes:

Greatest Hits Book

Holiday Songs Book

80 Reward Stickers

Bunny Notes Guide to learn the notes Do, Re, Mi

Elephant Guide to learn the notes Fa, Sol, La, Ti

Harmony Guide

Treble Clef Notes Guide

Bass Clef Notes Guide

Daily and Weekly Practice Calendar

Monthly Practice Calendar

My Daily Practice Sheet

My Performance Goals Sheet

Play by Ear Challenge Sheet

Sing and Play Diploma

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