While running the Miami Piano Studio, parents, musicians and educators Mihai Preda, PhD and Leidys Monascal, MS looked for a method to use with their students that was mindful, comprehensive, engaging, creative and practical.

In 2011, Mihai and Leidys founded the Miami Piano Studio with an ambitious goal: to awaken the love for music in their students, to show them how to use their creative potential from the very beginning, and help them become functional musicians in the process.

They soon realized that the mindful and comprehensive approach they favored had not yet been incorporated into any existing music or piano method, so they set out to do that themselves.

The Brain-Based Piano Method: a Mindful, Comprehensive Approach was created to fill this need. It incorporates the latest scientific understanding on how we learn and leads the students to learn music in the same way children learn their first language: first by listening, then by singing, then by playing the piano.

Today, other music and piano teachers are using the method in schools and private studios in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

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