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Sing & Play Learning System

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An immersive and comprehensive educational system for developing essential music skills. Children of any age learn music using the Sing & Play Children Songs book, watching the videos and listening to audio tracks.

Music Immersion for Children

At Participating Studios

For Children 18 months to 3 years old
For Children 3 to 5 years old

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Student Performance at the Steinway Gallery and other venues

Students show their newly acquired skills through Musical Games and perform their repertoire pieces and own compositions. Events organized every month.

mentiParti 2019, Partimenti Summer Academy, Basel, Switzerland

July 7th to July 14th 2019

The Lost Art of Classical Improvisation and Composition, the “Secret School” of the great masters, from Mozart to Rachmaninov

Play, Understand, Create:

The Most Effective Way to Learn Music


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A Comprehensive Learning System based on the children’s natural desire to Play, Understand, Create

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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials available online facilitate our students’ practice at home.




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The Brain-Based Piano Method Learning Package:
Reward System
Teaching Materials

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The Brain-Based Piano Method incorporates the latest scientific findings on how we learn

Illustrated Songs & Activities

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The innovative Brain-Based music program will revolutionize the way students learn music.

Ana, mother of a lucky Miami Piano Studio student

My daughter loves going to piano class, and asks when she is going back. I am amazed by the things that she has learned so quickly, and in such a short period of time. Each class introduces her to something new, or allows her to strengthen her skills in a new way. This method of teaching piano is so innovative because my daughter has learned how to play the right and left hand of a musical score with clapping and body movements. She has also learned to conduct, play with 5 fingers, and sing songs. All of this, and she has only had 4 classes. The connection to math and reading are amazing, and are evident during each moment. Highly recommended.

Malice, mother of a 3-year-old daughter

This new method instilled the love of music in my children and their piano playing improved drastically. They fully internalized reading notes and now have a solid understanding and joy of playing piano.

Sarah, mother of two piano students

My kids ages 7 and 4 love the lessons because they are interactive, fun and interesting. The opportunity to practice at the public presentations they organize also give them a wonderful chance of learning to be in a stage and get used to talk and present in public. This is a great piano school!

Solymar, mother of two boys, ages 4 and 7

I can’t talk enough about this teaching method. I never thought our daughter could learn how to play the piano this fast and in such a fun way. This method really works and I stand behind it 100%.

Jose, proud father of a 9 year old girl

We have had very good luck with the Brain-Based Piano Method. The teachers are conscientious and the lessons are strict but fun. My 5-year old son really enjoys playing because of the experience we've had with the piano lessons.

Brooke, mother of a 5 year old son

The instructors have an incredible talent for making piano lessons fun and exciting. They teach using various techniques that capture the attention of both my children who are opposites in their learning style. Very pleased with their progress and well worth the investment!

Joella, mother of two piano students

My son has taken piano lessons with this method for about 3 years. I am very pleased with the progress I see in him. I truly recommend the Brain-Based Piano Method as the easiest with proven results.

Svetlana, mother of Nikolai, piano student

I am so impressed with the BRAIN-BASED PIANO METHOD! I've had the opportunity to also be included in my 3-year-old granddaughter's piano lessons, and I'm amazed at what she has learned in just 5 lessons! This method is developmentally appropriate, and the lessons are so much fun! My granddaughter greatly enjoys practice time and looks forward to her next lesson. As an early childhood teacher, I value the fact that it includes other activities besides just sitting and playing the piano. This is an excellent method, and one that I highly recommend!

Mary A.

Our family experience with the Brain-Based Piano Method was wonderful. The teachers know how to incorporate the children into the classroom and made them feel important, which is great for the children's development. They were very kind and loving to my children. They are great people who are generous of their time and knowledge. They look forward to building bonds not only with the children, but also with the whole family. They give tips and suggestions on Music Education. They became friends to us and to my children! We highly recommend them to instill in children the love of Music in all its forms. They also provide piano classes for adults and their method is great!!! Only great things can be said about these amazing and caring teachers!!

Gioconda, mother of two boys

Leidys taught my 3 children for almost a year. She has introduced them to piano and music and she has been an outstanding teacher. We have been struggling ever since we moved to Europe to find such a good piano teacher, unsuccessfully so far! She loves children, is very patient and dedicated to music teaching. My kids loved her so much and are still talking about her, two years after we left Miami. We dearly recommend Leidys as a piano teacher and thank her again for everything.


We couldn't be happier with Ms. Leidys and the Brain-Based Piano Method. This method allows young students to experience the music several ways allowing them to truly absorb and retain what they're learning in a fun way. My young daughter looks forward to her lessons and is showing progress.


When I signed my almost 4 year old up to learn to play piano with Leidys, I had no idea that we would be getting so much more. He is learning music, not just piano. The Brain-Based approach is wonderful, and I can't imagine a child learning any other way. Or an adult for that matter. Their approach is intuitive. Nothing is rote. When Leidys teaches my son a new song, she always begins with listening before playing. I can see the stark difference in how easy it is for my son to play a new song when it is one he has previously listened to with Leidys vs a new one he pulls out of the book. Most important, this approach keeps piano fun and engaging. We have been practicing for 8 months now and my son is always excited for his weekly lesson. My almost 2 year old loves it so much he constantly sings all the songs and has the ear to identify them when played -- just from listening to his big brother practice. Highly highly recommend!